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Actyx Node Manager

The main elements of the applications are the status bar and 5 tabs, which will be explained in more detail in the following.

Status Bar#

The status bar lets you connect to your nodes by entering the IP address of the node you want to connect to into the text field and hitting the Connect button. In addition, the bar displays the current connection status of your node at all times on the left.

Status Tab#

The Status Tab displays general information about the node you are currently connected to:

  • Connection state: unreachable or reachable
  • Node ID: <IP address> or localhost
  • Display name: The display name you defined in the node settings
  • State: Stopped or Running
  • Settings: Invalid or Valid
  • License: Invalid or Valid
  • Apps deployed: Number of apps that are currently deployed to the node
  • Apps running: Number of apps that are currently running on the node
  • Started: Date and time when ActyxOS was started on the node
  • Version: Version number of ActyxOS running on the node

Additionally, the Status Tab also displays the logs emitted by the ActyxOS node.

Apps Tab#

ax apps subcommand is deprecated

Managing apps via the Actyx CLI is deprecated and will no longer be supported in future ActyxOS versions.

The Apps Tab gives an overview of all applications that are installed on the node at a glance:

  • App ID: The ID you specify in the apps manifest.yml. This is also the settings scope of this application
  • Version: Version number of the application
  • Enabled: Status of the application (Disabled or Enabled)
  • State: Stopped or Running
  • Settings: Invalid or Valid
  • License: Invalid or Valid
  • Started: Date and time when the application was started
  • Actions: Options to start, stop and undeploy the application

Moreover, the Apps Tab offers the capability to validate and package an application and deploy applications to nodes. In case you want to validate or package an application, please enter the path to the app directory into the text field. If you want to deploy an application, please enter the path to the packaged tar.gz file into the text field.

Settings Tab#

The Settings Tab displays all settings scopes that are deployed to the node and their respective settings in an interactive code editor. The scope of the node is com.actyx.os.

You can simply edit the JSON file in the editor to change the settings for your node or for an app. Every time you edit the settings, your changes will be validated against the JSON schema and can only be saved when settings comply with the schema. You can view the settings schema by ticking the check box in the bottom right corner.

Tools Tab#

The Tools Tab lets you generate a new swarm key and lets you copy it to the clipboard. A swarm is defined by a single property, the so-called swarm key. In order to participate in a swarm, a node must have the secret swarm key. The swarm key is a setting that must be set for a node to function correctly.

About Tab#

The About Tab displays the Actyx CLI version that the node manager is based on. Additionally you can see the Software License Agreement and links to our support channels.