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Setup a swarm

An ActyxOS swarm is a mesh of nodes communicating in a local network. A swarm may have 1 to N nodes in it.


A swarm is defined by a single property, the so-called swarm key. In order to participate in a swarm, a node must have the secret swarm key.

Note that yo can do all of the following steps either with the Actyx CLI, or the ActyxOS Node Manager.

Create a swarm key#

Default configuration

By default, Actyx nodes are configured with a public swarm key. However, in this case your swarm is not secure inside your network. For production usage, we advise to create your own swarm key.

You can create a swarm key with the Actyx CLI:

ax swarms keygen
Generating swarm key, it might take some seconds...

Join the swarm with a node#

The swarm key is a node setting. You can use ax settings set to configure it:

ax settings set --local com.actyx.os/general/swarmKey L2tleS9zd2FybS9wc2svMS4wLjAvCi9iYXNlMTYvCjZiNjkzNTQzNGM0Yzc5NjY2OTM4NTkzMjM0Njg0MTY5MzA3NzQ1NmU0MjVhMzk2ZDU3NmE3OTRmNTIzMTc3NTk= localhost

If you configure nodes in the same network with the same swarm key, they will automatically connect to each other via mDNS. If mDNS is disabled on your device or network, or you are running ActyxOS on Docker, you have to setup a bootstrap node to connect your devices.